Every day consists of little things that make us joyful and inspire us. Those moments are meant to be remembered and shared with your beloved ones. Yet, as the time goes by, those meaningful memories become forgotten, and you start losing the sense of feelings and emotions attached to what you had lived through.. The sounds and scents fade away with time. This is how a new spontaneous  idea has been born – to create a club, a blog, a home website that welcomes you daily to cherish together the happenings of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

FIRSTLADIESCLUB.CO is a global network of creative Ladies  united by common desires – to share their unique experiences and to learn the undiscovered, to capture a moment in time and to share something off the beaten track. We want to deliver how rich and fascinating a daily life of an ordinary woman can be. We share our stories and recommendations with you and invite you to join us for our various premium class social events in the best cities of North America, England and Kazakhstan.

Let’s get together, share the experience, create new memories, enjoy the positive vibes and celebrate the life!

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